The only limit is your imagination.
Each piece is unique and adapted to the likes of the musician.

Each harmonica is integrally hand-made, selected from the catalog or by special order. Today the Créatrice Sandrine BALLE manufactures exceptional harmonicas and refuses to use digital milling machines and other CNCs. Each piece is shaped by hand with different graters, files, sandpaper …

Hypoallergenic : any customisation is possible, within any limiting mechanical constraints of the instrument and the choice of materials which are not harmful to health and hypoallergenic

Acoustics occupy a prominent place in the instrument manufacturing. Acoustic advice is an essential part for the choice for the customisation of your instrument.

Sandrine BALLE creates Systeme BALLE’s harmonicas in France, at Le Mans.

  • Le Mans is known and recognized for its acoustics research laboratory (LAUM) and in the making of musical instruments.
  • With famous companies such as Selmer and Buffet Crampon, France is recognized as one of the most talented countries in instrument manufacturing.
  • It is in this context of excellence in musical instruments manufacture that Sandrine BALLE has chosen to set up her business.