Systeme BALLE harmonicas are made of noble materials (exotic and local woods, gold leaf, etc.).

On the Systeme BALLE harmonicas, except for special orders, there are no protruding stops. The instrument is thus confortable to hold, and does not risk injury to the musician.

Generally, the top cover will be customized so that the musician can quickly recognize the top and the underside of his instrument. This may be a point of detail, or something more visually obvious. Each musician can select their own preference, especially according to their playing practice. Harmonicists accustomed to playing in the dark atmosphere of a jam session will choose a very recognizable brand.

The combs of Systeme BALLE harmonicas can be fitted with a protuberance on one side, to easily recognize the direction of the instrument, especially for blind musicians.

The tonality of the harmonica can be also be written in braille on the combs without impact to the acoustics of the instrument (patent pending).