Passionate about music, graduate of ITEMM, Sandrine BALLE manufactures exceptional harmonicas combining technicality, acoustic innovation and aesthetics.

Ease of playing overnotes

The covers of Systeme BALLE harmonicas are fitted with cells. By plugging these cells, the musician will very easily trigger the overnotes.

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The sound

The material of the instrument will have an impact on the acoustics.

The covers of Systeme BALLE harmonicas are made of wood. They can also be gilded with gold leaf to generate unique harmonics.

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Systeme BALLE harmonicas are made of noble materials (exotic or local wood, gold leaf, etc.).

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Taylor made

Systeme BALLE harmonicas are entirely handmade.

The harmonicas can be chosen from the catalogue, or by special order. Each piece is unique and adapted to the likes of the musician.

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Some models are in stock, and ready to ship.

They can also serve as an inspiration for your future customised model.

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